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It is estimated that 20,000 women across the country are in need of and would qualify for a free mammogram at an estimated cost of $10 million because of unemployment, lack of insurance and/or because of other circumstances that would disqualify them for assistance. That is why we started¬†Project Free Mammogram¬†to assist with providing free and reduced mammograms that would otherwise create a serious hardship on their families and finances. It is tough enough these days to make ends meet especially for single mothers trying to raise their children. When out of the clear blue they discover an abnormality in one of their breasts. After going to see their physician they receive a prescription for a mammogram but they can’t afford it. That is where we come in to help them.

Pink Campaigns is not only dedicated to provide free mammograms through Project Free Mammogram but to assist single parents with assistance that they would not otherwise qualify for. We are serious about the need to protect and provide for them and more especially for the children. No child should ever loose their mother at a young age because of Breast Cancer or other form of Cancer that may have been detected to late.

We are also concerned that too many women do not know the procedures to check their breasts for abnormalities. We provide free self awareness seminars for women that want to learn and are willing to share their knowledge with others.

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