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Pink Campaigns and our parent organization AmerinRio, Inc. are still considered new on the  non-profit scene.  We are planning our 9th annual fund raiser for later this year. Until that takes place we must rely on donations to achieve what our goal to provide free mammograms and awareness seminars to women in need.

Pink Campaigns is dedicated to providing Solutions To The Cure through early detection and screenings. To achieve this we will purchase 50 Mobile Mammography Clinics for each of our 50 states to do free mammograms. This program is currently called Project Free Mammogram. In a recent test for free mammograms we received over 250 requests from women all across Florida who have no insurance or limited means to pay for a mammogram. In NY we received requests from 325+ for free mammograms. This program fits into what President Obama is trying to achieve with affordable health care.

Joining with us will help give Pink Campaigns the momentum we need to provide women of all ages, classes, cultures, insured or uninsured to have peace of mind that anytime they find a lump they can get a free mammogram to determine the next step and beat this disease before it can do any damage.

A few facts of interest: one organization has collected over $320 billion for research over the past 22 years. (no cure to date) Other organizations have also collected billions for research and still have not found a cure. We estimate over half a Trillion dollars has been collected and spent on research so far.177,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, 44,000 will die from it. Out of that 44,000 seventy-five percent (75%) will have no insurance and no means to beat the disease.

The reason Pink Campaigns was organized by the founders of AmerinRio, Inc. is to offset the odds of survival.

Pink Campaigns is dedicated to serving women and their needs. We are dedicated to finding cures for breast cancer and many other problems and diseases women suffer from.

Find free and low-cost breast and cervical cancer screenings in your area – National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

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