Pink Campaigns Breast Cancer Research


Pink Campaigns Research Labs are located around the world in order to perform the best and most reliable research possible. We will soon be using cutting edge and leading technology in our research to cure breast cancer and other types of cancer. Some of our research involves DNA sampling and methods that will give us a lead into the reasons why it is found in some women and not others.

Our research dives into the cancer cell itself, how it functions, how it grows, what building blocks it uses to replicate itself and much more. As with any living cell it has to have something that keeps it alive and feeds it for growth. To discover the causes or methods it uses to grow we must have a huge database of DNA sampling to discover how it manifests itself in the beginning. As funding comes available we want to put one or more Mobile Mammography Units in every state to provide Free Mammograms and collect data that will help lead us to discover more about this disease. We believe that it is everyone but lies dormant until certain ingredients or combinations are met for it become activated. We are looking for causes that keep it from activating in some women and not others. What is the exact triggering mechanism that sets its life cycle into motion in some and not others.


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